The addon consists of two parts: a normal toolbar and a window in the bottom of the window with all the recipes and details.

The toolbar


The toolbar consists of the following buttons:

  • Grab It: RecipeFox recognize certain website and can grab the complete recipe with image with one click. The button is only enabled (green) if the page shown is a known recipe page.
  • New: Start grabing a new recipe.
  • Mark as: Select some text in the browser and click here to mark the selected text as part of the recipe. The keyboard shortcuts can also be used (may not work in all languages because some of the short cuts are already in use - see the product backlog below). You can also use the buttons in the recipe details window (see below)
  • Show Recipes: Display the details of all the grabbed recipes. A window opens at the buttom of the browser to show all the details. Click the toolbar button again to hide the window again.
  • Show the Sites: Display the details of all the recognized sites. A window opens at the buttom of the browser to show all the details. Click the toolbar button again to hide the window again. See the details here.
  • Export Them: Export all the grabbed recipes either directly to MasterCook or Living Cookbook or you can save it in a file in one of four different formats and then import it manually.

The recipe details


To the left is a list with all the recipes that have been grabbed so far and on the right are all the details of the recipe.


For all the details about how to define new recipe sites on which the one-click grabit functionality can be used, please see all the detailshere.




You can down it from the normal SourceForge project download page.

It has also been added to the add-on repository at Firefox. It is still in the sandbox environment, but if you login (and change your account setting such that you are allowed to see the sandbox environment, then you can also download it from firefox) here

IMPORTANT: This Firefox extension uses some java libraries, so you need to have Java 6 installed. You can download it from Sun here. (select "Java Runtime Environment (JRE)"). If you do not have it you will get some strange error message when you try to export you recipes.


Recognized sites:

The following sites are recognized by RecipeFox and you can use the GrabIt button on these site:

These comes standard with RecipeFox, but with the new feature where you can define and share your own recipes sites, the list of recognized sites are growing all the time. You can find all of them in the recipe site sharing forum. In there you should be able to download new definitions for at least the following sites:


Right now we have 73 sites on the list.