The script can be used in two ways:

1. Merging all FDX files in a fixed directory.

If you always saves you fdx files in a certain directory before importing them into LC you can configure it to always look in the same directory and merge all fdx files in that directory:

  • copy the file mergeDirectory.bat to mergeMyFiles.bat (to avoid that it  is being overwritten the next time you install mergeFdx)
  • open the file mergeMyFiles.bat in notepad
  • The command should look like: mergeFiles "c:\temp"
  • Change the last part "C:\temp" to the directory where you save your fdx files.
  • Save and close the file
  • Double click the bat file to start merging all the files in that directory.
  • The script will always create a file called merged.fdx in that directory

2. Merging selected files

  • make a shortcut on your desktop to the file mergeFiles.bat
  • If you drag and drop a number of fdx files onto this shortcut it will merge the selected files and put a file called "merged.fdx" in the same directory as your files.

Remember to rename or move the result file, as it will be overwritten the next time you run the command.