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This addon works as the MasterCook IE webimport toolbar, but is more powerful:

  • It can export directly to MasterCook or to a file in different formats that then can be imported in other recipe systems.
  • It can export directly to Living Cookbook.
  • For sites that recipefox recognize it can import the entire recipe with one click (Grab It).

GrabIt is really powerful. You navigate to a recipe on a supported web page, press the 'Grab It' button, then select 'Export Them', and select MasterCook. MasterCook opens and asks what cookbook to put the recipe into. Two mouse clicks.

It works for other web sites by identifying the different recipe parts, like MasterCook's web import bar. You can collect recipes from several web sites at one time, before you transfer them to MasterCook. You can even use multiple tabs for multiple sites at one time, grabbing recipes from them and holding them for export to MasterCook or Living Cookbook.
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